Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Shredded

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We sell Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark shredded in the US in various quantities. We always import Mimosa Hostilis root bark from Bahia, Brazil; which is known as one of the best quality MHRB in the world. We have formed strong relationships with farmers in Bahia for over 10 years, and this has allowed our company to have access to high quality product, at a consistent basis, at all times.

We import Mimosa Hostilis inner root bark in whole pieces to the US, that way we remain in charge of the quality control process and ensure the bark being shredded is of top quality and only inner root bark is used in the process. Our shredded root bark is of a darker color than most of our competitors because we eliminate the fibers (that are light in weight and color) during the shredding process, resulting in a more concentrated inner root bark final product.

We work with an industrial hammer/blade mill in the US to break down the whole pieces of Mimosa root bark. Although we control the size of the particles, we decided that a 5mm mesh provides the perfect balance that most customers like, and it results in a finely shredded root bark that contains about 70% powder, and 30% small fibers.

Our company works with the same farmers exclusively, and these farmers have a very specific process to harvest the bark from the Mimosa Hostilis roots. This process ensures the well being of the tree population, as well as the quality of the bark.

  • Only old trees are harvested
  • A particular tree will not be harvested more than once per year
  • Only 1 or 2 roots per tree are selected to strip them of the bark
  • Harvested roots will be covered immediately so they can heal
  • More trees are planted in ongoing basis to allow for sustainable harvesting

100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg

1 review for Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Shredded

  1. Alex Maracara

    The product arrived quickly and the quality is excellent. Additionally, the online purchasing interface is easy and straightforward to use. Overall, I highly recommend this website.

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